Missing Game of Thrones character ‘hiding in plain sight’


With all the excitement surrounding the final season of Game of Thrones, fans have probably not noticed a key character has been missing.

Melisandre, aka The Red Woman, has not appeared or even been referenced in the first two episodes of the eighth season.

The last time we saw her character, toward the end of season 7, she was predicting the deaths of both herself and Varys.

And while there’s been no indication she will rear her head any time soon, a new fan theory suggests Melisandre has been in Winterfell the whole time in disguise and will reappear in the next episode for the Great Battle of Winterfell, which will air on Foxtel on Monday at 11am.

Hear this theory out because it’s very clever.

Remember that little girl in episode 2 with a Greyscale mark on her face who told Ser Davos and Gilly she wanted to fight in the battle against the White Walkers?

Well if this theory turns out to be true, that was actually Melisandre in disguise.

Melisandre? Is that you?

Melisandre? Is that you?Source:Foxtel

We saw her true self in Season 6 as an extremely old woman, meaning it’s plausible she could use such magic to switch identities, even though she doesn’t have master in disguise power.

“I think that Lady Melisandre is already in Winterfell,” a viral Reddit theory claims. “She used her ruby to glamour herself as this little girl with a burn scar. She will prevent Whitewalkers from entering a crypts.”

It makes sense. She obviously knew Ser Davos and Gilly would encourage her to hide in the crypts for safety, which is no doubt the best place for the Red Woman to work her magic, given she has no combat skills.

This further supports the theory that the Night King plans to turn the dead Starks and the women and children hiding in the crypts into the undead. Melisandre is the only person who has the power to potentially stop this.

While the scene between the little girl, Ser Davos and Gilly may have slipped viewers’ attention, upon reflection it appears GoT directors tried to make a subtle point of it.

The background music during the scene was Shireen Baratheon’s distinct musical theme. Fans will remember Shireen had the Greyscale mark too, and shared a special bond with Ser Davos, thus influencing his decision to send her to the crypts.

Melisandre could return to her most common form in the next episode during the Great Battle of Winterfell. Picture: HBO via Foxtel

Melisandre could return to her most common form in the next episode during the Great Battle of Winterfell. Picture: HBO via FoxtelSource:Foxtel

With the Battle of Winterfell fast approaching, and Melisandre — a fierce advocate of the Lord of Light’s wishes — foreshadowing her own death, it makes sense she would want to do the right thing before her inevitable demise.

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