Jimmy Kimmel was so depressed he wanted his talk show axed

JIMMY Kimmel says he once hoped his own late-night show would be axed.

Kimmel confessed that when Jimmy Kimmel Live! started in 2003, he wasn’t happy.

“Well, about six months in, I was praying that they would cancel the show,” Kimmel, 50, told CBS. “It was just overwhelming. Nobody wanted to be on the show. The show was live from 9.00 to 10.00pm every night. I was depressed. It was a slog. Nobody seemed to be watching the show. It was very unpleasant all the way around.”

Now, 15 years later, he’s made a name delivering powerful monologues about political issues like health care. More than ever, he’s at the top of his comedy game.

Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Mel Gibson on his talk show.

Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Mel Gibson on his talk show.Source:Getty Images

But when the show is finished, what will he do next?

“There really is no ‘next’ when you host a show like mine,” he said. “Yeah, I think this is probably it. But I never feel like it.”

No matter what happens, he’ll always be fascinated with seeing himself on the small screen.

“Sometimes I’ll, like, drive by a neighbour’s house and they have a big window, like, if you see yourself on the television, it’s just like, ‘Wow, there’s people in their houses watching me. That’s crazy,’ you know?” Kimmel said. “Television is kind of a magical thing.”

This article was originally published on the New York Post and is republished with permission.

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